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Thread: Good Gig, Bad Gig.

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    I had an outdoor gig on Saturday, working with four good friends who form an excellent covers band.

    This was for Barlborough NHS, near Worksop and set in the field behind a local pub. Timed to run from 5pm until 11pm (and very strict noise regulations mean NO OVERTIME), the booking was via the band's singer's wife who works there. If the band are ever asked to recommend a disco, they always say me, but usually I am tied up at the hotel venue, but, for once, I was available (at least I was when they first asked me).

    So I decided to arrive nice and early to do site visit as neither I nor the band had been told what to expect. I did get a message at around 11am telling me there wasn't much space. That was an understatement. A small marquee with a chessboard dance floor (more later) and enough space for me or the band, but not both! As I was there early, I struggled and got the basic set up done in one corner and managed to bend the walls slightly to get some elevation on the lights. Some, I angled upwards onto the marquee ceiling.

    The band duly arrived about half an hour later and were pleased I'd got there when I did and had worked out what to do. Even better, the weather was set fair, so we unzipped the rear panel and opened it up, so the keyboard player and the drummer were actually outside of the tent on the grass!!! Their speakers were also ouutside, making things much less cramped.

    Unfortunately, the field was on a slope and the ground was very uneven. So much so that the chess board dancefloor did its own dance as soon as anyone walked on it. Also, gravity dictated that dancers would gradually get closer and closer, so the band put some monitor speakers on the floor in front of them to create a barrier.

    As time went on, the show progressed nicely. We were all invited to partake in the pub cooked burgers, hot dogs, chips with salad and an ice cream van available service free ice cream for afters.

    A 30 minute slot at 8pm for me playing dancey stuff went well and the band took over at 8.30 for an hour. By heck, they were loud! A bit later, I noticed that the chess board dancefloor was starting to show some movement. Serious movement and the gaffa tape that they had used to try to stick it to the carpet flooring was sadly lacking. 6 inch nails would have been better!

    The band got told off by the pub landlord for being too loud as two of the neighbours had complained. By the time I came back on, three chairs had been strategically placed on the dance floor crazy paving to stop people from falling into the great abyss below.

    Indeed once the band had shifted their gear, most people preferred to dance in the space they had vacated.

    All went well with all the usual cheesy stuff, apart from one bloke who wanted Duke Dumont and wouldn't believe me when I told him that I had played it. No you haven't he said, I've been here all night. Apart from the times I saw you wander off to the main pub for drink replenishment and to the used beer depository.

    11pm came all too quick and I finished just as the clock ticked over. The statutory "one more" chant was repelled with the statutory turning off of sound system and the turning on of house lights. Well, if there were some I would have. Fortunately, there were lights in the tent that meant I wasn't packing up in the dark.

    The poor pub manager then surveyed the wreckage of his dancefloor that he had lovingly bought especially for the occasion at a cost of £1,000. I offered to take it off his hands for fifty quid and he thought I was joking.

    So ended a very good night with a quick pack up, until I realised that I had forgotten to pack one of my tables in first (I usually use the hotel's tables) and had to redesign the whole back of the car so I could slide it in along the side later.

    A 30 mile drive back up the M1 / M18 later and I rolled in about 0045. The drive will stand me in good stead for the future as things are going to be a bit different soon. More news at the end of June.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattydj50 View Post
    A 30 mile drive back up the M1 / M18 later and I rolled in about 0045. The drive will stand me in good stead for the future as things are going to be a bit different soon. More news at the end of June.
    You little tease! I'm keeping uncharacteristically as I have a bit of inside info.
    Excalibur. Older than the average DJ.

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    Hope all is ok?

    I have decided to take the rest of the year off from DJing.
    Despite the good gigs and great feedback, something inside me is making me think the worst. I don't know why, but I've lost confidence. It's probably because of what has happened to me this year, I don't know?

    I have something booked for this neck of the woods in September. It's another 80's night at my local so I may just do that, but any enquiries I get up here will be passed on. Anything down in Hampshire and I'll be contacting the usual suspects!

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    Sorry to hear that. Hope you soon feel good again.
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    Default That's better :)

    After a couple of weeks off the road on holiday and getting used to wearing deaf-aids...tonight was a "not a wedding reception" party.

    I've done several of these recently....bride and groom get married during the week in a quiet ceremony then have a knees up on the Saturday with none of the formalities associated with a full-blown reception. I enjoy these A LOT!

    So tonight's shenanigans then....

    Nice local Sports and Social Club I work in quite often with a strict 11:30 turn off (they have the shortest license in the area and the licensing officer lives right opposite their front door....there's no leeway)...not always a bad situation though

    Party was for around 70 people, a good mix of ages etc....and big drinkers! This is going to be a walk in the park thinks I. WRONG!!!!!
    A smattering of 70s disco got a few of the older ones up....but nothing much was going to get a lot of action - it was looking like one of those nights.

    How wrong could I was just a slow burner.

    I'd thrown the kitchen sink into the arena by about 10pm, and then one of the lads who'd been standing at the bar got brave (well...they were several pints and jaegers into their night) decided some S Club 7 would be an appropriate request.


    For the last 90 minutes, there was no stopping them. Requests finally came in quicker than I could possibly deal with them, the floor was was fun (and horribly hot!)

    Last song of the night was one I haven't played in absolutely ages - Mr Beck's rendition of Hi Ho Silver Lining.....I'd forgotten about that particular gem

    Lots of handshakes, fist bumps and even a 5* Google Review followed whilst I packed away, happy that I'd done a good job and got there eventually. The bride was over the moon - lots of hugs

    Time for a well earned beer now. The next couple really ARE going to be a walk in the park. Next week is an 80s night ala the Retro Roadshow, and the week after is a 75th with music from the 50s to the 80s.....what's not to like?

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