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For anything like this, pick up the phone and have a chat with them, rather than sending an email. It comes across far better. You can even point them in the direction of the wedding co-ordinator and C&E manager to chat with them too.

The "please explain" email came from the Wedding Co-ordinator (as did the reminder yesterday), so I felt obliged to reply by e-mail, as she also said she wanted to "pass it on to her boss". I did say to call me if they felt they needed to discuss it further.

This was at 9.40pm and the lay out of the room and my set up position does not make it easy to get out from behind the gear. Coupled with the fact that the building is a warren of interconnecting rooms, it would probably have taken me a while to find the B&G. The tog was esconced in his photo booth / studio in the building's entrance hall where he had completely taken over, meaning that anyone who waled through the front door, was immediately pounced upon to partake in before they had even got their coats on.

As the C&E manager said this weekend, he'd been a all day!