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Thread: [PRICES] Mobile Disco Directory Listings

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    Default [PRICES] Mobile Disco Directory Listings

    As always, basic listings on the directory are absolutely FREE to all.

    More prominent enhanced and premium listings are available for those that want to maximise their exposure on the Directory.

    Pricing and details are below...

    Basic Listing - FREE
    A free listing appears in your town within your county.

    Enhanced Listing - 25.00 20.00 per year (15.00 per year for Forum Supporters)
    An enhanced listing appears above free listings in your county and all towns within your county.

    Premium Listing - 60.00 50.00 per year (45.00 per year for Forum Supporters)
    A premium listing will put your ad above all free and enhanced listings within your region, all associated counties and all associated towns.

    PLI / PAT / ProDub Verification Combined - 35.00 15.00
    Choose this option to send proof of all 3 documents in one go.

    PLI / PAT / ProDub Verification Single - 15.00 5.00
    Choose this option to just send one set of documents to be verified.

    Banner Ads - 120.00 80.00 per year (banners run separately on the directory and forum, specify where you want yours displayed)
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    Testing the water here, with tweaked pricing and discounts for forum supporters.

    The mechanics of the directory are more or less fixed, all functions that were there previously are now restored, along with some improvements along the way. I've also added automatic discounts for forum supporters, to have these applied your login on the directory side must be the same as your email address for your forum account.

    The plan is, time permitting (probably into next year) a redesign of the directory side of things, and once that's done a mailshot to all existing members / listings to see if it's worth continuing with.
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