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Thread: T.V issue?

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    Default T.V issue?

    Hi all,

    I'm after some help from you all please.

    Tonight I'm doing a karaoke/disco in a village pub, the aim being to keep the punters from going into town on this Bank Holiday Saturday.

    I have a Sony Vaio and am running Virtual D.J 7.

    I'm connecting my T.V and laptop via hdmi to get my karaoke graphics.

    There's a huge T.V on the wall in the pub right next to where I'm set up. Obviously it would be great to use this T.V.

    I connected it in exactly the same way as I do my own, went through configuration in V.D.J.7 but all that was appearing on the pub T.V was what I see on my Vaio, i.e the full skin of VDJ and only the small karaoke display in the bottom right corner?

    Obviously I want the full screen on the T.V to be the karaoke graphics.

    There wasn't even a drop down choice of T.V showing in the window drop down in the video configuration.

    As soon as I swapped the hdmi back to my own T.V there was the 2nd option in the drop down window stating "H.D Intel Graphics" and my T.V came on for full screen karaoke graphics?

    It's almost as though my Vaio only recognises my own T.V.

    Is there a setting in Windows maybe that I need to change?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, it's made me panic that even having my own back up T.V is going to be useless if I can't solve what's wrong!

    Thank you

    Sarah x

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    You need to go to screen properties and extend the desktop

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    Default Short Cut

    Quote Originally Posted by hammy View Post
    You need to go to screen properties and extend the desktop
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