I've just seen this thread and would like to point out that while Web Nation sites are built on templates, no two DJs in the same (or similar) area can use the same template. So your customers will never see another site on the same template as they'll be using their area in the search terms ('wedding DJ Birmingham' , for example)

Also two sites using the same templates can look completely different - different colours, different fonts (in the newest templates), different pictures, different logo etc etc.

The template is just the basic framework and most sites on the internet have esentially similar frameworks when it comes down to it - header with logo and probably contact details at the top, navbar below that with the main menu, slider below that, then content, then footer. All of it usually centred on the page. It is the content that makes them stand out, in my opinion.

Web Nation websites are designed to give clients a state-of-the-art, professional-looking site, with all the functionality they need, that will bring them in new business through Google, and all at an affordable price.

And considering the current offer I've just posted of 400 off so a website costs just 19.99 per month - it doesn't get much more affordable than that!