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Thread: How Many Still Using CD's Only?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobKennedy View Post
    Anyway rambling aside, I do think there is another move afoot for content to move from laptop to the controller/player as with the new pioneer stuff as an example.
    It will all be interactive, holodeck type stuff streaming music from the cloud before too long.
    We will just walk in with a rod of some sort. Perhaps we could also have holographic DJ booth too. Load in will take about 1 min.
    The controller will be a thing of the past just like the turntable.
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    I remember going to a dealer to have a play on a Denon 2000F MK1 when they first came out. I was apparently the first person they'd ever heard mixing on them. I was hooked but sadly couldn't afford them, so was forced to stick with 2 decks & actual vinyl for a long time after that. Fast forward a few years & I got myself a residency in a bar & club back where I used to work on vinyl alone. I literally couldn't wait to ditch vinyl & my arms forever thanked me for it. I worked those 2000F MK2s (and later 2500F) like there was no tomorrow & they never missed a beat. As my CD collection grew it started to weigh as much as a couple of vinyl boxes but thankfully the Case Logic wallets had emerged by then, saving a lot of weight.

    As I 'progressed' to shall we say, more esteemed venues the players remained Denon models but reliability had become patchy for the MK3. Part way through a night they'd get temperamental - one side wouldn't accept a disc & you'd have to power the whole thing down to reset it. Very very embarrassing and inconvenient. It wasn't just the players in my venue though. Oh no. There were many reports of DJs begging places to get the then brand new Pioneer CDJ500s. I put up with those Denons for about 3 years through various repairs & replacements. They were never as trustworthy as the MK2. Then fast forward to 15 or so years later to my re-emergence into DJing.. going digital has finally set me free. I can find anything very quickly & a lot of my tracks have cue points stored so I can edit them on the fly or choose to skip the long boring intro.. or cut out the rap in the middle.

    Looking at 2 of my old CD wallets I used to work from every weekend it's amazing I could ever find anything if it wasn't on one of my home made compilations (though in hindsight it'd have been enough just to print the tracklists in black & white). DJ booths in my life have never been very well lit (if at all) & reading all that dodgy coloured text must've been 'fun' to say the least.

    In as many gigs as I've now lost count of my digital playout has hiccupped a sum total of twice, but never since I upgraded my controller's USB cable. I'm as unlikely to go back to CD as I am to return to vinyl. In all this time I've only had one punter chastise me that it's 'not proper DJing' and 'the computer does it all for you now doesn't it?' - and he stuck around long enough for me to prove him completely & utterly wrong.

    I'm hopeful that one day soon somebody will bring out a self-contained playout system similar in size to an MC6000, with a nice 15 or 17" touchscreen screen (a la laptop) .. the less than dinky Pioneer & Denon offerings just seem too big to be practical for a mobile DJ. With quite powerful computing devices being fairly cheap, not to mention small, and OS like Linux being as robust as they are... it's not that great a leap to take IMHO.

    As for arm waving in front of projections etc.. better leave that to Tom Cruise. My DJ dancing is silly enough as it is. After experimenting with digital playout controlled by a tablet I came to the conclusion that there's simply no substitute for tactile controls. Or am I just old?

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    I have thought about using my cdj's instead of my traktor s4 however I really can't be bothered switching out cd's all night and if I want to make a my own compilation cd's I guess I would need to purchase the silly pro dub license. The things I also like about software and controllers are that they are very customisable and do far more amazing things than my cdj's do. I still think my cdj's sound better than the software and controller route though, however I suppose that's down to what hardware/converters that are being used.

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    The first disco I worked on were still using vinyl in 2004.
    I haven't met up with them since so they might still be using vinyl.

    I sold most of my equipment using CD's about 3 years ago.

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