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Thread: Refusing Bookings - "Discriminative"?

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    Aha!. Sexual discrimination if you cancel a gig from this hunt, I reckon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
    I can see I'm beaten here , but I'm also

    Don't think some of us are looking at things the same way. I'm not talking about refusing bookings because of who people are, but because I'm likely to suffer physical harm, or equipment damage.

    OK, let's go a step further. I take a booking for any of the " protected " groups, and I'm intimidated physically. My contract says I can pull the plug. Is this against the law too?

    Like I've said countless times, I'll work for anyone who will pay me ( within some very very wide parameters ). If taking a booking puts me in danger of physical harm, I don't want to take the booking. Simples.
    Sadly, by doing so, I appear to become Public Enemy No1. Ah well.
    If youíre threatened then you can walk out - the reason youíve done that is not because of who they are but how they've acted. Being covered under the Equality Act does not override behaving in an acceptable manner.

    I get the point you're trying to make - thereís a stereotype view that all traveller parties are trouble, some also think all 18th birthdays are the same. One you can turn around and say Iím not taking your booking because of whoís attending, the other you canít.

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