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Thread: QTX FH-1500 Fogger/Hazer

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    Default QTX FH-1500 Fogger/Hazer

    It was with a heavy heart that I discovered my trusty (pah!) Neo-Neon Z150 hazer (nay, FAZER) was clogging up. Ach well.. it'll just need a clean - so I thought. Nope. It's properly bunged up with only the merest of wisps emanating from its front. Pah.

    So, with an eye on getting the junk machine repaired & selling it I got myself a brand new one from a nice chap who has a disco store in Penrith . I believe it has quite a catchy name too.. if only I could remember it..

    Anyway.. I saw the brand name & thought "hmmm, QTX... grumble....". But, somebody whose opinion I trust told me he's got one & it's amazing. What's that you say, DJ shop website - the shipping is free?! SOLD!

    I arrived home from work to find a huge box sitting in the hallway. "That can't be it. Oh, I bet it's in a bigger outer box...". Nope. It's BIG. It's a tad heavy too, at around 13 kilos.

    So, on ripping the box open I found:

    The included timer remote. The included wireless remote & receiver. The machine itself and a user manual.

    Key features of the machine include:
    • Wired timer remote with magnetic base, interval, duration & output controls - attached to a reasonable quality length of cable terminated in a 5 pin XLR connector.
      Wireless remote control (diddy little pocket sized thing with a retractable aerial)
      Wireless remote control receiver with magnetic base.
      1500W heater
      Removable 2 litre tank
      DMX control (3-pin DMX & manual address selection via DIP switches)
      Variable fan speed

    It feels heavy & very well built. The outlet has an adjustable flap to direct the output from parallel to the floor to 45 degrees to the vertical. It's heavy, but reassuringly so. It's also quite noisy except on the slowest fan speed settings.

    With official QTX haze fluid, with maximum fan speed & the lowest working density setting on the timer remote, the very briefest of blasts had my home lighting test area... er.. my kitchen utterly hazed out.

    I've not gigged with it yet - that'll happen next week but not before I've done a video of it for my youtube channel.. oh and I think I need to experiment with fluid density too... I have a feeling it's gonna be way too much for my main line of work without very careful application.

    It is, it's utterly fair to say, just a fog machine with a powerful fan at the front. It's NOT a 'proper' haze machine. No, for one of those you need to spend a good few hundred quid. But it IS very very good.. well so far.. early days & all that.
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