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Thread: (SOLD)Pioneer XDJ-R1 All-in-One DJ Unit Controller-USB/CD/Wifi WITH Swan Flight Case

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    Default (SOLD)Pioneer XDJ-R1 All-in-One DJ Unit Controller-USB/CD/Wifi WITH Swan Flight Case

    For Sale Pioneer XDJ-R1 All-in-One DJ Unit Controller-USB/CD/Wifi WITH Swan Flight Case

    Another Cumbria Dj Store Bargain Offered for sale at £575.00 case included.

    Collection from CA11 7JD or uk mainland delivery +£15

    Product Description

    Pioneer's first All-In-One DJ System - with wireless industry-first operation of various functions with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

    By connecting this device via a wireless LAN connection to an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with the special "remotebox"*2 mobile application installed, it is possible to select songs stored inside USB storage devices connected to the XDJ-R1 via the screens of these devices. In addition, it is possible to apply an "AUTO BEAT LOOP"*3 function, which automatically loops music at a specified tempo, as well as intuitively controlling various effects using the X-Y pads of devices. The back of the XDJ-R1 also features a stand for installation of iPhone/iPod touch devices at an angle conducive to easy song selection.

    Support for diverse media and music formats

    DJ play can be performed using a diverse range of media and music formats, including music CDs and file formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF stored inside USB storage devices or recorded onto CD-R/RW.
    The XDJ-R1 also provides MIDI support and can be used to operate various pieces of DJ software.

    "BEAT SYNC" function for one-touch beat synchronization of two songs

    The "BEAT SYNC" function automatically synchronizes the beats of songs that have been analyzed by the "rekordbox™" music management software played on each player, simply by pressing the "SYNC" button.

    Unified structure containing two players and a mixer

    The unified structure of two players and a mixer means users can DJ with this device alone. The mixer part is equipped with ports for the connection of external hardware such as CDJ players and turntables, etc., so it can also be used as an independent 2-channel mixer.

    Functions for enjoyment of wide range of music arranging and mixing

    A combination of all kinds of effects enables simple performance of a wide range of music arrangements and mixes.

    1. HOT CUE

    The "HOT CUE" function enables instant playback from a previously specified point, simply by pressing a button. Each player can set "HOT CUES" at three points.


    The "4-BEAT SAMPLER" function makes it possible to play recorded sampling sound sources simply by pressing a button. Sound sources can be recorded from songs on USB storage devices and CDs.

    3. BEAT FX

    Diverse forms of DJ play can be enjoyed by selecting from 4 effects (TRANS, FLANGER, ECHO, and ROLL) for each song played on each player and changing BPM and effects levels.


    Diverse forms of DJ play can be enjoyed by selecting from 4 effects (FILTER, CRUSH, PITCH, and NOISE) for each song played in each channel.

    High sound quality design for clear and powerful DJ sound

    Noise has been reduced by separating analog and digital circuits, and performing digital conversion of analog input signals by the shortest distance possible. All signal processing is conducted with a high-performance CPU to ensure that DJ mixes have a clear sound.

    Additional Features

    "AUTO BEAT LOOP" function enables songs to be looped automatically at a specified BPM
    "QUANTIZE" function automatically corrections divergence from specified BPM when using "AUTO BEAT LOOP" or "BEAT FX"
    Equipped with independent 3-band isolator
    Internal sound card (Audio Interface)
    Complete with MASTER OUT (XLR), BOOTH OUT, AUX and MIC ports
    Environmentally-friendly "Auto Standby Function" that switches the power to standby mode when there is no operation or input for a certain period of time.
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