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Thread: Need some new wheels?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
    Hang on. This is confusing. Goods vehicles under 7.5T are 50, 60, 70 on single, dual and motorway respectively. That's interesting, as I thought ( wrongly, apparently ) that motorways and dual carriageways were the same. Seems I can travel at 70 on a motorway.

    According to what I can find, the magic figure is two tonnes Max GVW. , ie fully loaded. Seems all Transits ( including Tourneos, which is another area of confusion ) are in the same class.

    There is another interesting pitfall also. When your little van is first registered, it may be listed simply as a van, as opposed to car derived van. Thus, two identical vehicles can have different speed limits!

    At least having read the rules again, it seems I can do 70 on the motorways after all.

    Please don't take this as the definitive answer, but a government site is good enough for me.
    My solution is easier - use a van that struggles to get past 50 and you'll be fine lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppentertainments View Post
    My solution is easier - use a van that struggles to get past 50 and you'll be fine lol
    Oh my friend, I have been there, etc, etc. White LDV ran at 50 ( and took an age to get there ) Green one had a 10% speed increase and a bigger engine. Heady days. I always used to like 50mph stretches on motorways, as I kept up with traffic then.

    Now, I'm just a born again boy racer.
    Excalibur. Older than the average DJ.


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    My current vehicle interest is towards getting a hi-top... My back is not happy and my recent decision to buy a couple of dance floors makes it ever obvouis how annoying low tops are with heavy equipment!

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