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Thread: New website host recommendations

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    I use winserve. I pay about 4 a month and I think have about 2gigs website space and can have one database.
    I previously used Microsoft Azure but it cost a fortune.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc J View Post
    Thanks guys

    I've hosted a site for Paul before and IIRC there were no issues and we parted amicably...from what I remember he was looking for design work and I was too busy at the time, and the new designers wanted to host as well (or it was part of a package).

    Feel free to get in touch Paul. I see your sites are WordPress hosted on cPanel, so moving would be a breeze...as long as the designers let you take their designs with you. I've heard some horror stories of people being charged s for sites they thought they had already paid for when they want to move hosts - remember any copyright remains with the creator of the work unless they explicitly transferred it
    Thanks Marc. I wasn't sure if you were still hosting or not and to be honest I was rather hoping you'd see this and reply to it as like you said you have hosted for me before and all was good

    I'll drop you a PM
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    Currently with Fasthosts for my lot.

    Speed can sometimes be an issue (and they'll deny they have a problem)....just part and parcel of being on a shared server unfortunately. No real issues other than the site speed and the fact that they will ALWAYS deny there's a problem with their infrastructure.

    That said, I'm currently looking at moving to Zen. They're my ISP and have been for years (I'm one of their original customers!). They're not the cheapest by a long chalk (it's going to be around 120 pa for 5 sites on a Linux platform), but I know from experience of dealing with them from the broadband connectivity side of things (exactly twice in over 10 years and both times it was a problem with the local BT exchange), that they're rock solid and won't let me down.

    Let's just say that on both occasions when I've called them about broadband issues.....I've never been told to check my router or replace my filters (back in the day when you had those)....they know what I do for a living and know that if I call them there's a genuine problem and I've already worked out where it is and who's at fault

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    Another vote for Marc, been faultless unlike some certain other hosts I've come across....................
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