So the time has come to replace my trusty but damaged db tech 402's. I've gigged these for the last 7 years together with a pair of db sub 12s and they've done a great job. However, I've talked myself into needing/wanting a pair of 10 inch actives to replace them.
After a lot of Internet research I decide that the best suited for my budget and the one that got the most rave reviews were the RCF 310a. So off I trot to my local PMT music store to hear them for myself. They had a pair on a listening stage along with about another dozen pairs of differing sizes and makes ! no no I've already made my mind up don't confuse me.
So the sales guy plays some tune through the RCF s and I'm impressed, crystal clear with nice punchy bass. Next to them were a pair of 10 inch active Alto speakers. Now I've never heard of Alto but out of curiosity I asked the guy for a listen to compare and contrast, .......well, they sounded really sweet, more "detailed" than the RCFs, more alive, they made the RCFs sound a bit flat. However I'd done a months research on the best mid range 10 inch and the RCFs came out very highly recommended and I'd never heard mention of Alto, so despite the 80 per cab saving and the sweeter sound, I'd come for the 310a's so that's what I told the salesman to get me from the warehouse, I wasn't prepared to buy an, unheard to me, make. Sorry Alto.
Whilst he went to get a pair of 310a from the back of the shop I was having a mooch about and stumbled across a rather dusty ex display RCF 710a ! Very sexy looking little thing (can you describe a speaker like that ?) and reduced from 405 down to 280. The salesman returns with two cardboard boxes on a trolley and heads towards the till. "Hang on a bit mate, can I just listen to this" I say pointing to the k710a. He comes over, plugs it in, connects it up, plays the same song and............ Wow just wow !! We both looked at each other, he knew what I was thinking, this was another level completely, power, bass, crystal clear highs, it sounded awesome.
The 310a's went back in the store room! I bought the singular 710a then ordered another online which came the next day. Worth every penny. I've since done about 10 gigs with them coupled with the subs and the sound is awesome, in fact I've switched the subs off on occasion and just used the RCF's and there is sufficient bass ! All from a 10 inch woofer !
I did a 300 person event at Park Hall Chorley in the huge Lancaster suite for my first gig with them and along with th subs the sound was tremendous, even the band I was on with commented on the power of these little 10 inch cabs and I never got to even get the clip lights flashing, they're LOUD.
All in all the best speakers I've bought in 30 years DJing, and I've had them all, well nearly.