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Thread: BPM 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by rth_discos View Post
    I wanted to write a long post to follow up what has been said.

    And then I realised I'd need a day to explain it all in depth - maybe there's an idea...

    In essence, earning high fees is relatively easy in this industry (compared to other industries).

    It doesn't take that much to stand above the rest of the industry, where the standard is quite frankly, pretty poor in many cases.

    There are many good DJs, offering a great service, not charging the right fees, for fear of 'not getting it', based on what too many poor DJs constantly repeat about 'can't get that round 'ere'.

    Create a good product, market it properly, and deliver what you promise - very simple, but that's all you need to do.

    A few positive changes here and there can make a BIG difference.

    It's amazing, and quite scary how poor many DJs are - something let's them down - be it their personality, how they dress, their email responses, or even their website.

    Bring everything up to scratch, along with being able to entertain and deliver a solid performance, and you're on the right road.

    Obviously the biggest change is actually ASKING for the money.

    No one is going to offer to pay you more than you quote. So until you regularly ask for more money, you won't really know what you're worth.

    Perversely, quoting too low can actually PUT OFF those who are looking for a premium service!

    But if you want to ask for more money you need to present an image in line with the price you're asking!

    And of course, then deliver it!

    Right folks, we've been drifting off topic for ages here, so I'm going to cut and paste ( or move, mayhap ) Gavin's thoughts into a new thread, and although it's going to touch on price, I hope it will focus on learning. See you later.
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    Sorry i didnt get the chance to meet some of you guys,I spent most of sunday with alan in the main chauvet arena,then had a walk round the show.Only person from here i did see was shaun atkinson flatliners and toby.
    I have to admit i dont like the genting arena i think bpm was much better in the nec.
    i spent most of monday around the pro mobile nadj learning zone as the seminars were really good

    The after party on sunday evening was was really nice chatting to fellow djs and some of the reps.

    Big thanks to adj and pro mobile for the free drinks

    After the party finished we went upstairs into the casino with paul third digital dj for some excellent food and drinks

    So for the first time in ages both alan and me didn't make it into broad street,we just stayed at the crown plazza and the bar at the world resorts.

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