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Thread: Turbosound IQ 15's

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    Default Turbosound IQ 15's

    My faithful old Mackie SA1521's are starting to show their age, and finding anyone to service/repair them is a challenge, so it's getting time to replace them. Looking around the web the Turbosound IQ15's seem to be a great choice, they have the Brand name, high output, the looks, on board customisable DSP, and great flexibility. Considering the price it all seems too good to be true, where's the catch? If anyone has seen/ heard these in action or even better, own a pair, their opinion of them would be most welcome.
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    I used a set 2 tops 2 subs a few months ago for a big ball, I thought they sounded okay, possibly the way the sound guy set them up but I don't think they sound as nice as rcf or Yamaha dxr similarly priced speakers.

    They actually had a dxr12 as a sort of fill speaker to cover dead spots so I could hear the difference.

    Not as much clarity at the top or the thump at the bottom. I was impressed with all the gizmos it had and they seemed quite loud.

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