OK - I got a nice little deal on a set of Chauvet Freedom Sticks at a local DJ meeting on Tuesday.
But....I don't want them on the flashy S2L programs because I don't work that way....all of my lighting is nicely controlled.

Now Chauvet have this "wonderful" D-Fi system of WiFi which is wireless DMX but by their rules (i.e., you have to buy a D-Fi transceiver for it to work). Okey dokey....done that bit.

Has anyone got the combination of Freedom Sticks and D-Fi DMX to actually work? Because if you have, I could do with some serious help.

The D-Fi unit is on the right transmitting channel, the sticks are on the right receiving channel, the DMX address is correct (and indeed, it's flashing to show that DMX is connected)...but I can't get them to do anything

Any help more than appreciated