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Thread: Why are bins called bins?

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    Default Why are bins called bins?

    Here's something that's intrigued me for a while. Why are bass bins so calledl? I get the 'bass' bit easily enough (duh) but why 'bin'? I remember browsing through electronics mags long, long ago & seeing adverts for Saxon disco gear bragging about bins of all shapes & sizes. But why are they called bins?

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    The only thing I can think of is they would use actual bins back in the day maybe prior to them being speakers. Years back I spent some time in a proper Spanish village & they all grab anything and make music all the time during the fiesta. I happened to find a chest freezer which acted as a bass receptacle, but had I found a nice bin, turned it on its side that would have worked better.

    Large speaker drivers may have also been mounted in bins as they would have been readily available by the sides of houses.
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    Is it because most of the stuff that comes out of them is 'Rubbish'?

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    Do you really want to know? The real reason they were called "bins" might just blow your mind! Are you sure you can handle it?

    Ok, well, I hope you have your crash helmet on to stop your brains being splattered all over the walls!

    The term "bin" is simply a shortened version of the word "cabinet". caBINet. An enclosure. A box to keep your subwoofers in! Mind blown, eh?

    These days, the term "bass bins" has been pushed out in favour of "subs".

    Anyway, here's some other mind-blowing trivia on "bins". Did you know both British and Americans use the shortened term "bin"? In British English, bin is short for dustbin (sometimes referred to as "rubbish bin" but should, really, still be rubbish dustbin!). In American English, bin is short for "trash can". How does that even work? How can "bin" be short for "trash can"? It doesn't even feature in the phrase! It's a bit like "Kate" being short for "Bob"! It's ridiculous! But that's what happens when we lend the Americans out great language. They ruin it!
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