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Thread: Just got here, looking around, not too bad so far.

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    Default Just got here, looking around, not too bad so far.

    Goodday everyone,

    BJ here, been doing this since God was a boy.

    Supposed to be retired now but still carrying on, weddings, corporate, kids discos, proms, 21st, 18th, agency work as well, and a twice-a-week karaoke residency - they all keep me busy.

    Site seems to quiet of late on some of the forums, lets see whether we can get some life into these threads.

    I was going to go on, and on, and on- but this is just to introduce myself.

    So. Hi Everybody !!!

    Barrie - BJtheDJ

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    Hello Barrie, good to have you here.

    Seemingly most forums are quiet, with the rise of the dreaded Facebook. Never mind, quality over quantity.
    Excalibur. Older than the average DJ.

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