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Thread: First Adult Gig

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    Default First Adult Gig

    only normaly do childrens parties but took the plunge and done my first adults disco and had a full dance floor all night so im must of done something right

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    The adults can be worse than the kids !
    I did a gig for the Army.
    One of the wives asked me for a track by Lily Allen that I didn't have.
    I apologised and said I was sorry I didn't have that track.
    Next thing I know she is in the middle of the floor shouting that I was crap and that I should play Lily Allen.

    Then someone came up and said the disco was affecting his hearing aid and could I turn it down.
    So I turned it down a little. Then someone came up and told me to turn it up as they couldn't hear it at the back !

    Its amazing how one gig can be great and the next full of whiners.
    OK I should have had something by Lily Allen but the vehicle I had was full of gear and CD's and I couldn't get any more in.
    Its not possible to carry every track. Its a bit easier now with laptops but I was a CD disco then.

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