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    Anyone know anything about this lot?
    Proudly proclaim to only take money from confirmed bookings. No idea how the system is intended to work.

    Now that Bark have increased their minimum top up, I'm effectively out of there.
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    Guessing they are actually agents (although site says otherwise) that take all the bookings (and full amount) sent their way and let DJs bid the lowest price and give them the work. (biggest margins).

    If they don't find anyone - oh dear.

    Bark sent me a 30% off code the other day, went to use it but turns out it's only 20% because the 'packs' are already 10% off...

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    Hi Guys

    Thanks for your mention, I have been on this forum as a DJ since 2007 (DJ Keith D) and it’s helped me in so many ways.

    I’ve started BookEntertainment to use technology solve the frustrations that I have had when I was a DJ and Entertainment agent.

    Customers will take interest in you by looking at your media, reviews and write up and will make an enquiry by phone or email to check if your available and how much you cost. This is where you have to spend time replying back, often without an answer in return.

    BookEntertainment will let the customers search by their event date and location and see who’s available within their budget. The customer can then book you and make deposit and balance payment through our system.

    You still have the final say on bookings and can accept or reject the bookings. When you accept the booking you get payment.

    So rather than a ‘lead generating’ service like so many other sites out there, we are providing DJs with an automated booking system.

    You can see what we do here:

    I hope this helps, use this thread and as me questions if you need help.


    Keith Donaghy

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