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Thread: Evolve 50's - anybody used them?

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    Hmmm I thought I'd replied so apologies if this appears somewhere else too.

    As for "oomph" how much air are you guys actually looking to move?

    Admittedly my work now is 97.5% weddings, the rest corporate so I'm not doing bam jam 18ths or raves but in 3+ years of using my Nano 600s which I'm sure aren't a patch volume and bass wise on what's out there now, I've never once been asked to turn them up.

    I am hiring a nexo rig for next weekend but that's a 300-400 person do in a massive marquee so not a "standard" wedding gig but even if I was doing a dozen of these things a year, it still makes more sense for me to hire in a big rig and keep a portable light stick shot for everything else

    Sorry I should have concluded: the stick systems are never going to sound as full as a sub and top set up but for mobile work, I really can't see much except really big jobs needing anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imagine View Post
    CS1000's - I don't do organised religion (in fact, my dealer 100% agrees with me on that one...the market is now flooded with FBT stuff and I'm really not a sheep!)

    Any other sensible ideas?
    The only 'compact' speaker system that has stood out to me recently is the FBT (sorry!) VN2000 package

    I heard this at BPM and WOW!

    It has much more punch than the typical 'stick' systems - yet still looks elegant with its 2 x 6inch cones.

    And the 12" subs means that you still get a nice bassline from it - without anything that will offend the older guests at a wedding.

    Yes, it's a bit heavier in total (although only 23kg for each sub) - but I guess that's the trade off. Yet still retains the 'elegant' look - and can still be carried upstairs easily.

    I think that's the next step up for you to see a decent improvement, without a 'large' system.

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