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Thread: Getting more bookings in 2019

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    Default Getting more bookings in 2019

    As 2018 comes to a close, whilst you've hopefully had a busy December, how is your 2019 diary looking?

    Are you currently relying on agents and residencies?

    Struggling to get enough enquiries of your own?

    Or always being knocked back because your enquiries 'found someone cheaper'?

    I created the In Demand Recipe - it's a way to generate more enquiries, and convert them in to customers.

    I now have a new, mini In Demand Recipe that I'm happy to take around the country early next year, subject to demand.

    I can show you how to get your diary filled for 2019!

    So, now's the time to raise your hand. If you'd like to learn more about how to get your own enquiries through the internet, and how to get the fee you're worth, then show your interest here: https://www.indemanddjs.co.uk/2019-interest/

    It's a short half-day workshop, going through the most important changes you can make to your business to get more enquiries and convert them in to bookings!

    Show your interest now (I'll only come to a town when there's enough interest shown, so don't miss out)

    ➡️ https://www.indemanddjs.co.uk/2019-interest/

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    Quote Originally Posted by rth_discos View Post
    I created the In Demand Recipe - it's a way to generate more enquiries, and convert them in to customers.
    ....and it's another MDJN Facebook lurker that I never connected to this forum until now...

    http://www.bristoldiscohire.co.uk - Quality Disco and Equipment hire for Bristol & Bath
    Weddings, Birthday Parties, Kids Parties, School Disco's and more
    https://bristolevent.photography - Event, Brand and Studio Photography

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    I think too many of us are too afraid to post on the MDJN FB group due to the nature of half of the inmates on there

    To be fair though - I did the In Demand Recipe a couple of years ago....I came away with a hell of a lot of information and ideas. Sadly, my learning budget for next year is already well and truly blown, otherwise I'd be going back for a refresher.

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