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I've never liked the term 'disco' it's so outdated (apologies and no offence intended to anyone who uses it in their business name). I'd be up for anything that got rid of that in the forum and directory name. Just my 2cents Marc.
I tend to agree with you there. The word 'disco' has always had the (perhaps now negative) "Saturday Night Fever" connotation, which was fine when that was popular as a genre, then establishments moved on from being 'discos' to being 'nightclubs' to try to shake this off.

You can offer a "mobile nightclub experience" but would you ever call yourself a mobile nightclub? The public tend to stick with "mobile disco", it's that term that they will usually search for when looking for your services (or mobile dj, or wedding dj / disco).

The forum will, I'm almost certain, move to www.mobiledjforum.co.uk. I think that's the better description for it.

For the directory, should I be looking at mobiledjdirectory.co.uk / . uk?

mobiledjdirectory.com is taken, with a UK based site, which seems to be connected with ukmobilediscos.co.uk as well. Doesn't seem too popular, though, with a total of 34 listings. Quite a nice site, actually, using WordPress and a decent directory theme. Might keep an eye on that!