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Thread: Karaoke Mixer suggestions

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    Default Karaoke Mixer suggestions

    hi folks
    Could anyone maybe suggest a decent mixer for me for mobile DJ/Karaoke host, I am looking for a smaller but powerful and great sounding mixer. In the past, I used the Studiomaster Fusion but see that it is now discontinued. I currently use an Allen and Heath ZX12fx which is really too large for my flightcase. Was there any specific studiomaster model that was a direct replacement for the Fusion as it sounded really good and never gave me any hassle?

    I am basically looking for something the same physical (19" rackmountable) size as the fusion, with 3 or more mic inputs and at least 3 channels for MP3 music inputs with a good sounding effects unit onboard. I really liked the fusion I had previously and regret changing it and now cant find another one. Most of the Karaoke mixers seem to be of the larger variety now, like the one I am currently using. Must be sliders and not knobs. Any suggections you can make would be much appreciated.

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    Don't think you will find anything better than the Fusion. It was a well regarded piece of kit. Sorry to be the prophet of doom.
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