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If the mc-1 allows control over one unit then just address them the same and they should then do the same thing, been a few years since i have seen an mc-1 so would recommend them addressed to 001.

if you have a controller with faders/sliders on then that should control the unit you just need to put the faders in the right place following the dmx chart - the thing to remember here is that the dmx chart in the manual will be 0-255 whereas you'd fader desk will be 0-100 as the controller is in percent and the manual is the dmx value.

can sometimes be worth printing the dmx table and writing on it the % values which might make using a basic controller easier.

easy way to do it is dmxvalue/255x100=%

assuming the dmx address is 001
lamp off is 0-11 which would mean 0-4% is lamp off
lamp on is 12-127 which makes 5-49% is lamp on

0-4% is off
5-49% is sound to light
50-100% is controller triggered

so assuming you want the unit to run s2l but be the ability to turn them on and off with a controller

you have faders 1 and 2 at 30% which would turn the lamp on and activate s2l mode - you can they turn fader 2 to 0% to tun the effect off

anything beyond that on a fader desk will be more complicated.
most lights aren't designed to be used with such basic controllers as to get anything good out to them you need scenes and cues or better still the ability to use palettes etc.
Many Thanks Chris

I'll have a play with both controllers.