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Thread: Welcome to the Advertisers Sections

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    Default Welcome to the Advertisers Sections

    Welcome to the advertisers section.
    This section is especially for retailers and service providers to advertise their products.
    For a mere £25 for 6 months, or £40 per year, retailers and service providers can have their own dedicated sub-forum to advertise freely on the Mobile Disco Directory.

    To become an Advertiser Subscriber click on ‘FORUM ACTIONS’ then 'GENERAL SETTINGS' at the top of the page:-

    Then, click on ‘Paid Subscriptions’ at the bottom left of the page:-

    Then click on the Advertiser Subscription drop down box to select either 6 months or 1 years subscription.
    *please note that the one year option is a rolling subscription and that once you have set this up, the following years payment will be taken every 12 months from your Paypal account, unless you cancel your subscription.

    Once this is complete, please email the following details to [email protected], and your dedicated sub forum will be set up for you.

    * Name of Sub Forum
    * Description of Sub Forum
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