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Thread: Introducing.... CD Pool

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    Default Introducing.... CD Pool

    CD Pool has been providing the DJ & music industry with the most upfront in-demand dance, pop & urban tunes, weeks ahead of commercial release.

    From exclusive club cuts to the biggest crossover chart hits, we supply the working DJ with the tunes he needs, and the tunes he didn't know he needed - ensuring CD Pool DJs remain one step ahead of the rest.

    Pop, house, electronic, urban... we're specialists. We've contributed to breaking hundreds of hit records over the years, and now you can join.


    About Us
    CD Pool is Europe’s number one promo service for DJ’s. Formed in 1994 CD Pool changed the way that DJ’s received and played their music. CD Pool volume one contained a multi genre line up that set the tone for years to come. 118 groundbreaking DJ’s subscribed to that very first CD, fortunately thousands followed in their wake.

    CD Pool defied the critics who derided the project saying that DJ’s would never ever give up vinyl, within two years CD Pool picked up a sponsorship deal from electronics giant Pioneer and also introduced Street Beats, our Urban Music CD.

    Over the years we have included 1000’s of tracks from labels all over the world and helped break many artists and tracks.

    As the years go on our product range has expanded to the point where we now have seven monthly CD’s plus fantastic DJ friendly products such as Classic, a 60 CD set that has developed into possibly the greatest dance compilation ever produced and Essential, 3 Box sets that are a tool that no mobile DJ can do without.

    CD Pool is licensed by PPL who pay royalties to performers and record companies and MCPS who pay songwriters and publishers. When you buy a CD from us you can be sure that the music creators are being paid for their work.

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