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Thread: Best approach to counter noise complaints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creature View Post
    No because if the venue is empty or partially full it will be too loud - the same as when the venue is full up and people dancing it will be to quiet!
    I see what you're saying however I'm not suggesting once you've measured the maximum Db in an empty room you always make sure your mixer is playing out at it's max. you just know that your music cannot breach that Db level even if you where to turn it up to 11! If the music is too quiet then tough as you'd be breaching the set levels.

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    Never ceases to amaze me. People move in near to a pub & then expect there to be no noise!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Corabar Steve View Post
    Never ceases to amaze me.
    Your surprise at finding out that many of the Great Unwashed have an IQ in the order of magnitude of their shoe size is truly touching.

    Once upon a time, many many years ago, there was a small village hall. At one end, it backed onto ( or was joined to, I forget ) another property. This property came up for sale, and was sold at a very advantageous price, because it was pointed out that functions often took place next door, with a commensurate noise nuisance.

    For many years, I and other Entertainers had set up at the end of the hall nearest the other property, with no problems whatsoever. After the new tenant had moved in, he decided that noisy functions were just not on. ( Conveniently forgetting that this was the reason he'd saved so much money buying the place. )

    Noise abatement measures were put into place. This is where it gets better.

    Most of us know that speakers are designed to throw noise at the punters, while leaving the DJ in relative peace. ( Asuming he/she has placed his cabs in front of him/her. ) Not this aggrieved neighbour. He insisted that rather than us setting up near his house, and pointing the noise away from him, we were to set up at the far end, to get the noise source as far away from him as possible.

    This meant we moved twenty yards at most, and pointed the cabs directly at his house!!
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