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Thread: RCF EVOX 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benny Smyth View Post

    Incidentally, I saw those very same reviews of the EVOX 8. Then I heard them, and ended up buying the FBTs.
    I looked into these and the FBT's a few months back. The FBT's stood out by a mile! Well worth the extra £100 or so quid.

    Quote Originally Posted by aldoboymusic View Post
    Well when i went for the EVOX 5 i asked mobile Dj briansredd's opinion and he recons it can do up to 100 people parties, so i kinda based it on his decsion along with the people at thomman.de as asked one of their customer service agents as well. So it was a slight gamble, but i did some research before, which i am also doing now as well to gather up more opinions.
    Wouldn't seeing them in action and hearing them at a dealer before hand be good idea before paying out quite a large sum on 'a gamble'?

    Hopefully these will work for what you need them for but could be hit and miss.

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    I've not heard the Evox 5.

    But I do have the Evox 8.

    I'd recommend the Evox 8 for up to 100 people - and 150 at a push.

    As with all these systems, they play to the dancefloor - not the room.

    Until you've got them out and tested them, it'll be hard to tell.

    I've used the Maui 5 for small rooms, but wouldn't want to use them for a party of 50 people in a larger room.

    And that's why I bought the Evox 8 - one system that would see me through every situation I would be taking on.

    What happens when you get a booking for 100 people in a largish venue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rth_discos View Post

    I've used the Maui 5 for small rooms, but wouldn't want to use them for a party of 50 people in a larger room.
    150 18 year olds in a rugby club with a pair of Maui 5s, and nobody, but nobody asked me to turn it up. Them little buggers were awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
    150 18 year olds in a rugby club with a pair of Maui 5s, and nobody, but nobody asked me to turn it up. Them little buggers were awesome.
    A 100 middle aged charity function guests in a venue that would hold 150.

    An outside pub beer garden wedding reception and was asked to turn them down.

    Numerous events over several years for between 60 - 100 guests, plenty of volume and never seen the limit light (I did pressure test them in an empty venue once and the sound level required to hit the limiter was very impressive).

    Used a single one for many ceremonies and background duties (often using bluetooth).

    Iíve owned FBT Vertus, Evox 8 (and a few other systems) so can compare them in real life scenarios.

    If youíve got any venue with a sound limiter they are a no brainer, why take a bigger system that you canít use?

    The Maui 5ís are very capable, lightweight and discreet, by far my best DJ buy - everyone Iíve recommended them too have also been delighted with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benny Smyth View Post
    Did you buy your last car or van without test driving it/at least seeing it in real life, or did you go for that gamble too?
    Give him a break, least he is asking the questions before testing it in the field, but I do agree with you, must have been an offer too good to refuse.

    Not heard or seen the evoke 5 so this is speculative, but I would say that it would struggle with a larger room and a lot of people on the dance floor absorbing the sound, but systems have got very good in the last few years!

    There are a few things at play other than numbers as a prom with 150 people dancing to D&B all at once compacted in to one large space, will need a bigger system vs a wedding with 150 people (in the same room but spread out) playing macarena and only 70 people dancing.

    - the venue - size, acoustic performance and insulation (small compact function room too large marquees)
    - the event - type of music played & required volume
    - audio set up, pre amps/mixers and how it is EQ'd (a lot of DJ's get this horribly wrong).
    - numbers of people in the dancing area & proximity to one another (we are made of water after all)
    - Weight/mass has a play. A kids disco (same venue & numbers) will absorb less sound than a sumo wrestling conference

    You can't really test it in an empty room or shop demo area as you need people. I think if i were you I would rent or buy a separate sub until you are sure your system will cope OK? I have personally found the box pro range very good for a budget option, but RCF would suit it better: https://www.thomann.de/gb/the_box_pr...8aAudGEALw_wcB If you need a second speaker for any reason (I use a DBR12 for ceremonies/backup) then that may be a very wise purchase and be used more often. I also use one DXR15 along side my main kit for larger functions and it handles well, so thats an option too, but its rather large!! The speakers are also directional vs your line array RCF system, so they are handy if you want to direct a lot of sound to one specific area (and use the DXR on the dance area and the arrays up really high to fill the rest of the room).
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