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Thread: I'm going to hell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakatomi View Post
    Much better - thanks . Nice job on the keyboard mashing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imagine View Post
    I'm more worried that you seem to have snuck Alvin and the Chipmunks in there
    I got The Smurfs in my head!!

    Quote Originally Posted by rth_discos View Post
    Are the stems unmastered?

    Is there any way of just putting the stems together to create an un-mastered version of the song with a bit of dynamic range?!!
    By their very definition, "stems" are unmastered.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nakatomi View Post
    The stems are a representative version of what they laid down 'on tape'. Drums are very compressed & distorted. Bass is distorted & lacks any sub. Guitars & keys... As flat & clipped sounding as they are on the final mix.

    I get your idea but I don't think a remastering can solve the track's shortcomings. Well that & the fact its a 'let's jump up & down throwing beer everywhere like braindead loons' anthem
    That all depends on what FX and EQ was applied to the finished, mastered product. If you take the raw stems then there's no reason why you can't create a more dynamic and polished final mix.

    Anyway, good effort! I like it!
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