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Thread: Supporters area. All members.

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    Default Supporters area. All members.

    A recent post in Supporters has resulted in a lot of anger, and the possibility of some folk leaving as a result. Just to clarify, although the Supporters section is not publicly viewable, while it does allow Mods and Admins some leniency in what's posted in there, that does not mean that " anything goes". I have locked the thread for now, and don't see a strong chance of it being unlocked.

    References to people's sexuality are unlikely to have any relevance to topics aired in there, or anywhere else for that matter. That is skating on the thinnest of thin ice, and is always more likely than not to be removed.

    Wherever you are posting in this forum, please bear in mind that others may be offended by ill advised posts, and just have a little think before hitting " submit ". Thank you, everyone.
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    As it was my error in replying to a moderated (ie only Moderators & Admins can see) post, I would like to add that members of this forum are required to abide by the forum rules. The post in question was technically in breach of a couple of them, but as Peter stated there is a matter of leniency for what goes on in that section. My reply was intended to pull up the offender on the most glaring of these breaches, not to start World War 3.

    Forum Rules can be found here for anyone wishing to re-familiarise themselves with them.
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