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Thread: Grim

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    Well, upon checking, our hosting is paid up until August. So we've at least got until then to enjoy the forum, and hopefully think of ways to attract and get more engagement on here prior to that.

    The offers of hosting etc are gratefully appreciated. For me, it's not just a cost factor - we're breaking even (currently) and able to pay the costs from the monthly subscriptions we get from you lovely folk, but the steady decline and lack of use may come to a point where it's in the red. The main factor here is the lack of use by the members, it's just soul destroying, especially knowing how much people (staff and members alike) have devoted to place. I'd hate to see this place just get to the stage where it's a complete ghost town. Hence my thinking best just to call it a day while we have fond memories of the place.

    As said though, we're good up until August, so no decisions have to be made yet. As always, your thoughts and input are appreciated.

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    Any thoughts on how we can encourage people to start reusing the forum ? Any campaign we can do ?

    One thing with the forum is while there is great banter, it is also the place you are most likely to get honest answers to any queries. I would hate to see it go, but as it is at the moment it doesn't really have any use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppentertainments View Post
    Any thoughts on how we can encourage people to start reusing the forum ?
    How about monitoring FB groups for questions that we know already have answers on MDD and simply posting 'Already answered at MDD...' with a link to the relevant article?

    If enough of us do it often enough then maybe enough people will follow the links and like what they see?

    Or maybe even working in pairs to post questions that we KNOW are already answered on MDD in order to do the same?

    How about when posting a Good Gig Bad Gig story, you also teasingly post the first paragraph or so onto your favourite FB group then a link 'The rest of this tale is on MDD...' with a link?

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    I'd be sad to see this place go.

    It really is a great forum and there's ner a bell-end in sight unlike Facebook.

    Being objective, I probably come across as one of the big willy wavers on the Scottish Amp group and I've been banned a time or two, I'd like to think the reason I've never even had a 'heated debate' on here never mind a banning level argument is the fact people here are actually pretty cool and helpful.

    Same with a guitar forum I'm on. I used to be on a massive forum and it was toxic. I moved over to a smaller one about 10 years ago and it's great - I use it just about every day even though my guitaring is now all done in the house and I've bought 2 actual bits of gear over the past 7 or so years.

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