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Thread: Newbie into a bit of everything ....

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    Default Newbie into a bit of everything ....

    .... well, legal of course

    Early years worked for a company doing all sorts of weird and wonderful electronics, you know the type of job, the sort that other companies would not have touched...

    Later became a PLC programmer working mostly with Allen-Bradley PLCs, spent 19 years doing that.

    After that became a trainer for Rockwell Automation, teaching people how to use the A-B PLCs etc.

    Then I set up my own company offering PLC training, but as opportunities in that area are thin on the ground, have got involved in doing a bit of this, and a bit of that. Love playing around with Arduino's and the like, have done about 15 projects using them, some more successful than others.

    Recently did all the sound and vision systems for a local Sports Bar and Grill, and because they have bands on occasionally have furnished the venue with some stage lighting, and a DMX controller. Used to do stage lighting back in my school days, but it was totally different then. The lighting dimmers you could have put a frying pan on and cooked omelettes.

    My latest Arduino project was to replace the dire sound-to-light system in the DMX controller I got very cheaply off eBay - I'm sure you've all seen them, less than 30 for a piece of carp. The STL circuit built onto the DMX controller board made no attempt to filter out the bass notes, no attempt to detect the sharp attack envelope of a bass drum, and no means of adjusting the sensitivity. It was way too sensitive, and would trigger the chases playing music near it with a iPhone - not known for any bass content whatsoever !

    The board I have built, does all that the cheap STL didn't, and whats more, I can adjust settings using an app. on a smartphone, bluetoothed to the board. Gonna get a chance to trial it "live" in a week or two....

    Came here because I have acquired some Acme iRock 5S and 5B fixtures that I am refurbishing, knackered display boards mainly, lamps replaced, and one of them hasn't had the HPMV to ELC conversion done, so waiting for the 24V 360W power supply to complete that one. That conversion allows lamps to be used that are a fraction of the cost of the HPMV lamps.

    Anyway, enough about me, gotta get back to work on de-soldering 74HC573's

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    Welcome to the forum mate. Nice intro.

    I still have a pair of iRocks kicking about. I'm looking forward to seeing how your new board trial goes. sounds interesting.

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