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Thread: Mics for ceremony and speeches

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    Default Mics for ceremony and speeches

    Hooray - we're back into weddinging again

    Which has raised a question after doing the speech PA at a wedding last weekend. Obviously passing mics around now isn't a good idea, and to be honest most grooms and Best Men completely fluff using the mic on the day anyway with it waving around in the air.

    Mic stands have never worked well for me - again they tend to wave their heads around and look away from the mic. And I'm not a big fan of putting lavaliers onto people either - although that's how I do most ceremonies at the moment.

    Which got me thinking.....a boundary mic on the top table? It'd be so much more natural for those making the speeches as they wouldn't have to think about the microphone.

    I'm also thinking this could be good for the ceremony as well if indoors (i.e. placed on the table the Registrar uses). I've got several other applications where one of these could come in useful as well such as the annual school fete where the choir like to sing etc.

    Anyone got any experience of these? I've only just started looking around and there seem to be a LOT of them. Is there anything in particular I should be looking for?
    This could be an interesting experiment....

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    Wireless lapel mics are the best option in this situation. You'd need a bank of a minimum of 3 - but ideally 4, for times where there are more speeches than the usual 3.

    Of course, the price goes up to do this. However, they are far superior to hand held microphones because they stay in one place on the suit (where you place it), rather than being waved around and held at the wrong position. Plus, it leaves both hands free for the speaker (think about those speeches where gifts are handed out, or where the speaker is fumbling trying to hold their notes as well as the microphone). It is a great way to differentiate yourself. Plus the lapel mis is perfect for outdoor ceremonies too (I use one on the Registrar and one on the Groom).

    Boundary mics will just cause huge feedback issues, as they much more sensitive compared to a hand held microphone held just a few inches away from the mouth. Plus, when you consider the distance between where the mic will be placed and where the speaker is, bear in mind it will amplify equally all sounds made within a similar distance as the speaker is (which could be quite a distance if you're covering a top table).

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    For the ceremony personally I always advise they hire a professional PA company in, as what works on one situation may not work in another. For me, it is just too risky and have other things to concentrate on.

    For speeches I have 4 wireless mics so they can have one each, then it is sanitised afterwards. Failing that, just some mic head covers should be sufficient, no use making more work unnecessarily for yourself.

    Anything more, you are crossing over to a professional PA service, which isn't something I am interested in providing.

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    Almost this exact question came up yesterday on Facebook, from a respected DJ. What about a rifle mic? I'm sure I remember talking to a colleague who had much success with one, and although I haven't searched yet, I seem to remember Toby doing this.

    I'm keen to see what comes up as the best cost effective option.
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