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Thread: Gravity stands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
    Well according to responses on here, I'm in the minority.
    Was worried there for a bit as it is not like me to be wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbp View Post
    thanks for the link

    So, can you pop a speaker on a pole (using the centre hole) and a lighting effect on a pole (using one of the other holes)?

    Or would be a bit unsafe?
    I've never tried, as I never use tops on poles/tripods. With small tops, quite possibly, if you're using a 2.1 rig. Bin under the booth, and eight inch tops on poles. Theoretically possible, but bear in mind the 20Kg limit. ( Probably per pole, not per base of course ). Don't forget that Gravity speaker poles are max height 1.8m, as opposed to lighting stands 2.4m. There is a solution to this, but again at a price. They sell a 600mm extender. A colleague who bought speaker stands, and wanted to use them for lighting, decided to buy extenders, rather than full lighting rigs.

    There is a downside to your cunning plan, cost. That would require two more poles for both sides. I've usually used two poles/one plate where space is at a premium, as I can get almost the full complement of lights up in a space 1200mm wide. Add to this a Maui 5 sitting on the baseplate, and a Micron booth, and it is possible to have four par cans, two Helix booth and one speaker in a space 1500mm wide. Add the second speaker and it's probably just over two metres wide.
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