I am drawing your attention to this rule, as it seems that at least one member hasn't read it yet.
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14. Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed (Except in the circumstances listed below): This includes using the forum email and PM system to spam other members as well as posts on the forums. Spamming & Trolling are not permitted under any circumstances whatsoever, and advertising is only allowed in specific limited circumstances. If you wish to advertise product(s)/service(s) to forum members and others, please advertise on DJ Bids.

No other mobile disco listing site or forum can be either promoted on this forum or flamed by any of the members without the permission of the Mods and Admins before posting.
Exceptions to the ban on advertising are as follows:-

a. You may reply to a question raised by another forum member, with a link to a third-party site with which you have no connection.

b. You may reply to another member if they have asked about a specific product that you can supply and have advertised on DJ Bids.

c. You may also post a link to an external site in your signature provided it is not or likely to be deemed offensive to others.

d. In exceptional circumstances and with the prior permission of the Mods & Admins. Such exceptional circumstances will be judged on a case by case basis and the decision whether or not to allow such exceptional circumstance advertising shall be made at the discretion of the Mods and Admin and such decision shall be final.

Any posts made in contravention of the above will be subject to removal and the Admin and Mods reserve the right to sanction the member concerned if deemed necessary.
This means that you do not do any of the above without permission, unless stated in the exceptions (a - d).

There are no exceptions to this rule.